Supporting Growth and Achievement: Introducing Our Mentorship Program

As part of our continued effort to support our team in their personal and professional growth, Thinkingbox has introduced a mentorship program across our offices, accessible for all members of the Thinkingbox family.

The program offers our staff the opportunity to learn from each other and assist in the professional and personal growth of each other. The mentorship program presents an invaluable chance for junior and senior members of staff to connect and will instill a wider supportive community in the Thinkingbox family, one that transcends teams, projects, and offices and focuses more on the company in its entirety.

Image Courtesy of Thinkingbox

Building the Thinkingbox Community

Growing exponentially over the last few years means we have diversified our talent roster, both through amazing new hires and nurturing our team internally. With such a talented and diverse team comes an invaluable opportunity to learn from one another and leverage the new and growing skills of the Thinkingbox family.

The program will utilize talent across all Thinkingbox offices, and enable growth without borders, becoming a way for our team to learn from one another regardless of location, role, or project.

“Promoting both personal and professional development is a key part of our culture. We are very collaborative and have huge camaraderie across our offices. We want everyone to really feel this.” — Sarah O’Shea, Director of Talent Management.

Leveraging In-House Talent

The mentees will have access to Thinkingbox’s wide range of talented individuals, from team members in creative departments, technology, strategy, and leadership positions. At our fingertips is access to a wide range of team members with a vast range of skills and interests, and the program aims to bolster interdepartmental relationships in order to catalyze company-wide growth.

Included in the program for this years’ mentors are Amir Sahba CEO, James O’Brien CMO, and Managing Directors Rania Hattar, Sarah Scott, Kari Juip, and Christine Clark, as well as many others.

Supporting New Ways to Learn

Mentors and mentees will meet once a month for an hour and are encouraged to maintain regular communication outside of the formal meetings to bolster community, build and develop key skills and leadership within the company, and inspire growth.

Learning from a mentor is very different from learning from a manager, it’s a relationship that can last a lifetime. A mentor can be someone outside of one’s professional skillset, but is someone who the mentee admires and looks up to, and whose achievements and experiences the mentee will feel inspired by. The relationship is one built on trust, honesty and vulnerability, and will be an excellent tool for growth for our team.

“As a mentee, I’m looking forward to setting an achievable goal and being held accountable. This program is going to be really helpful for myself and other mentees who are looking for an opportunity to work closely with leaders, one on one, from different departments, to encourage our own personal growth.” — Farah Tozy, Marketing & PR Coordinator

The program continues our efforts to support and elevate our team by providing access to thoughtful, curious, and generous minds, ultimately bettering the company and the work we do in the process.

“A program like this helps everyone; for the organization, we gain a more holistic view on our team’s goals and struggles, it helps our team members have more avenues for growth, beyond their own manager, and it encourages community and support. Really, I can’t think of a downside.” — Christine Clark, Managing Director.

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