How To Do Consumer Research in a Crisis

How has consumer behaviour changed so far?

According to Numerator, 85% of Canadians say that their shopping behaviour has been impacted by COVID-19. Generation Z has reported the highest percentage of impact in North America, with 98% of the demographic feeling the effects. On the operational side, more than half of Canadian consumers have reported experiencing product shortages.

What does this mean for businesses?

One thing that COVID-19 has shown us is the innovation of business owners. Almost immediately after brick and mortar stores were closed businesses began to pop up online, offering curbside pickups, delivery services, virtual tours, and online services.

How can we use this data in future business strategies?

Not only do businesses need to navigate their way through this crisis, but they need to be prepared for many other kinds of crises that could present themselves in the future. If nothing else, we should look at COVID-19 as a learning process.

We’re happy to help

From social strategy to media buying, our team is well versed in the power of data for business. If you’re looking to change your strategy, reach out to us. Let’s create this new future together.



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