Getting Real with Instagram Reels

The Why

TikTok found itself in hot water in recent times with its ban in India, potential ban in the United States, and the US Senate’s unanimous support of a bill that would ban the app on government-issued devices, after national security concerns. Recently, TikTok’s owner, Beijing based company ByteDance, has been given until September 15th to either sell its US operations to Microsoft or face an outright ban.

The How

Instagram Reels operates in an identical way to TikTok, even down to the ways username, captions, and audio tracks are displayed on the left. The look is mighty familiar and will feel like a home away from home for anyone familiar with TikTok.

What Next

Where Instagram Reels maybe a little cheeky in its blatant copycat design, it still does offer brands exciting new ways to improve engagement and grow their following. Reels allows brands to sell personality in the same way Instagram stories do, but with a longer shelf life as they don’t expire after 24 hours.

Keeping it Reel

Already the feature is proving to be of interest to creators and brands. It certainly has the potential to make waves in the world of digital marketing. With the future of TikTok looking tentative, Instagram Reels may just be the next biggest thing for video sharing. Whether or not there’s space for both of them is another question. Which one gets your vote?



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