4 Tips For Cross-Channel Marketing

Why use cross-channel marketing?

These days, users divide their time across the internet. Getting your message out to your customers means being where they are, when they are there, with the right content.

1. Know your business and your audience

The first step in effective cross-channel marketing is to understand your brand. Ask yourself, what are our business goals? What kind of markets are we looking to interact with? Where do our customers go for information and content?

2. Tailor your content but nail your voice

Not all content works on all platforms. Facebook likes links, Instagram likes visuals, and Twitter likes words. In order to get the most impact out of your channels, you need to know what kind of content works where. Even if you are promoting the same campaign across your channels, it is important to tailor your post types to each specific channel.

3. Set goals and plan ahead

One more time for the people in the back… the days of reactive posting are over!

4. Listen to your data

The best way to know where to put your resources is by keeping track of what’s working, and what isn’t.

Build a better digital strategy

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